typical time of development

We have a project where an eBook might be a good solution, and I'm very interested in using PeBL. I'm wondering if there are approximate timelines for the development of an eBook in PeBL? For instance, if we already have the content (text, audio, video), approximately how many hours/100 pages?


  • Hi, Angela! Sorry I missed your question.

    The first and most important factor here is whether you're editing code or using an authoring tool of some sort. This website is for the open source PeBL codebase; we're also working on an authoring tool and it's now in public beta. If you're interested, you can sign up at https://pebl.pro/join-the-evolution.

    To address your question within the context of working with an authoring tool: I'm actually working on a conversion right now that will help me give you a better idea, and I'm making a video in the process... I'll post back when it's complete! Should be just a few days.

    In general though, if your text is already ready to go, it will take literally minutes to copy and paste it in. (There are import tools coming very soon for PeBL Pro, as well.) Adding media is very easy, as well. After that, it all depends on how much formatting you want to do, and how much interactivity you want to add.

    I'd love to get you into the beta and let you try things out!

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