Upcoming Features and Changes to PEBL

The team has been hard at work developing new features to enhance the functionality of PEBL, here are some of the major features and changes planned to roll out in the next few weeks.

  • Configurable LRS endpoints - This change will allow on the fly changing of the LRS endpoint without the need to install a different version of the app.
  • Extension Architecture Changes - PEBL extensions are being redesigned to be more modular, this change will allow PEBL to work more seamlessly in other eReaders.
  • New Extensions - A number of new extensions based on the functionality that was added to the field notebook, such as pushing new content directly into the book.
  • eReader Support - PEBL functionality is extending to more eReaders. In order to keep track of the features that work in different eReaders, there will be an externally query-able site detailing that information.
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