What does everyone think of this new forum platform?

I like it but the sign up email went to my spam folder and confirming my email with the provided link was a little bit janky, took a few tries and for me to log on and log off. Did anyone else have a similar experience?


  • My sign up email also went to the spam folder, but the confirmation link worked fine for me. Also logged off and back on with no issues.
    Seems to have all basic features...

  • Can an admin move a post from one thread to another if we think it belongs elsewhere?

  • 1) Is this forum responsive to run in the iPad browser? '
    2) Is there any way to attach an image to a post? I suggest this so users can screen capture the issue they are reporting and describe it in the post text.
    3) We should put a link to the forum inside the ebook or in the PEBL reader (the Forum extension)

  • @jbcosta
    1. As far as I can tell it is, but we should fully test it.
    2. I just enabled the advanced editor plugin which should let you embed an image in your post, but I think its just a link, so you would need to first upload the image somewhere else.
    3. Seems like a good idea to me.

  • Test screen cap attachment

  • Mile, it works, awesome.
    Allows attachments from the photo library on the iPad. Process would be:
    1. Screencap the issue
    2. Enter forum start reply or new discussion
    3. Type your comments
    4. Attach image from photos
    5. Click POST to submit.

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